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Weekly Update: Garnishing Social Security?

Using Student Debt to Attack Social Security Social Security benefits traditionally have been protected from debt collectors. But Republicans in Congress—always looking for an opportunity to cut Social Security benefits—created a loophole in 1996 that allowed outstanding federal student loan debt to be taken from the benefits that help recipients pay for medication, food and […]

Richard Trumka, American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations president, addresses members during the quadrennial AFL-CIO convention at Los Angeles Convention Center on Monday, Sept 9, 2013 in Los Angeles.  The AFL-CIO plans to open its membership to more non-union groups in an effort to restore the influence of organized labor as traditional union rolls continue to decline. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

Weekly Update: It’s About Priorities

IBEW 125 Pickets Pacific Power Headquarters Linemen, wiremen, metermen, dispatchers and clerical employees along with other classifications employed by Pacific Power picketed the front of the corporation’s headquarters today in Northeast Portland. The workers were protesting the corporation’s efforts to shift more health care costs onto employees and hold their wages down below the industry […]

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Weekly Update: The Dignity of Work

Oregon’s Minimum Wage Won’t Change in 2016 Oregon AFL-CIO President Tom Chamberlain issued the following statement to the press today: “The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industry announced today that our state’s minimum wage will not increase in 2016. This comes as a tough hit for working people across the state. A wage of $9.25 […]


Weekly Update: Moving Up

Unions are Tools for Economic Mobility When we talk about rebuilding the middle class, we’re talking about economic mobility. The dream for so many hardworking parents is to be able to give their children a prosperous future, but in today’s economy where recovery has not been a certainty, that dream can be all too elusive. […]


Labor Day Statement from President Chamberlain

“This Labor Day, I’m encouraging every worker in Oregon to consider how much we can accomplish by coming together to make our state a truly prosperous place to live.  We’re standing in the middle of a crossroads: in one direction, we have a state where workers can afford the basics in life without having to […]


Weekly Update: Uber’s Worst Nightmare?

Uber’s Worst Nightmare? You might know Uber as the company that began operating without permits in Eugene and Portland last year. The popular app-based transportation company has been called out by companies like Union Cab for lowering standards for taxi drivers. Late yesterday, a federal judge in California opened the door to what may be […]


Weekly Update: The Cost of Living

The Cost of Living How much income do working people and their families need in Oregon to afford the basics? A lot more than what the current minimum wage provides, according to a new tool from the Economic Policy Institute. The Economic Policy Institute’s updated Basic Family Budget Calculator estimates the how much a family […]

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