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Take Action Against IP 22

 IP 22  seeks to repeal Oregon’s 30-year-old sanctuary law through a ballot measure. This proposal is an all-out attack on our long-held Oregon values: IP 22 will divide our state and gives harmful and hateful policies a foothold in Oregon.  White nationalist groups from out of state are shipping money into Oregon to fund this effort.  It's time to stand up against hate, and take action against IP 22. 

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 IP 22 sows fears and rips families apart. This proposal will create a culture of fear and hurt almost every aspect of our local economy. Already, families across Oregon are hiding in their homes, terrified to send their children to school, or go to work or the grocery store. People with no criminal histories are being deported. Families are being torn apart.

IP 22 will make everyone less safe. Oregon’s common-sense sanctuary law, like similar laws in 39 cities and 364 counties across the U.S., separates local law enforcement from federal immigration enforcement — which public safety experts say actually keeps our communities safer. That’s why the Major Cities Chiefs Association (MCCA) opposes local officers enforcing federal immigration law, because that “undermines the trust and cooperation with immigrant communities which are essential elements of community oriented policing.” IP 22 ignores experts, diverting already stretched thin public safety resources away from our communities and making it harder for law enforcement to keep us safe.

IP 22 doesn’t represent Oregon values. Oregon is better than this. We do not believe in small-minded fear mongering designed to pit neighbor against neighbor.

It’s time to call on our leadership: elected representatives, business CEOs, civic leaders and small business owners to reject this initiative and to work together for one Oregon where we can all work and live together.

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