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Grade Betsy DeVos’ performance

When the Trump administration tapped Betsy DeVos for education secretary, our public school system went under fire.

After a year on the job, it’s time for DeVos to be graded on her performance. It’s clear that she is failing our schools and deserves an F. 

Secretary DeVos wants to rob students and teachers of the best chances for success.

Instead of protecting public school system funds and ensuring access and equity to high-quality public education programs for all children, DeVos has proposed directing public school funding to a voucher system for private and charter schools. This would mean larger class sizes and less professional development for educators.

Our Department of Education also is expected to protect the civil rights of students and faculty. But Betsy DeVos has worked to roll back Obama-era guidance on gender equity. The teachers, faculty, parents and students of our public school system need a department that is focused on figuring out ways to make our public education system better, not tear it apart.

It’s important that DeVos hears from our communities now. We’re joining with our allies at the AFT, Daily Kos and Color of Change to deliver a failing report card to Betsy DeVos and the Department of Education, and we want your feedback to be included.

It’s up to working people to tell Secretary Betsy DeVos that she is failing our public education system. Tell her to support our public school workers and students for a passing grade. 

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