2018 Oregon AFL-CIO Endorsements

The Oregon AFL-CIO represents over 300,000 working Oregonians, through over 40 affiliated unions and our community affiliate, Working America.  We represent working people from Klamath Falls to Portland, the Wallowas to Coos Bay.  Our membership is diverse and includes everyone from teachers, firefighters and grocery store workers to electricians and aerospace workers.  We come together as the Oregon AFL-CIO because we believe in one simple idea: when working people stand together, we can create positive changes for everyone.

The Oregon AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education votes to endorse candidates and ballot measures based on how they will impact not only our unions, but all working people in the state of Oregon.  We carefully consider what each candidate and ballot measure will do to help communities across our state, including schools, healthcare, the right to form a union, trade policies, and much more. 

Voting is our chance as working people to support those who support us.  Who you vote for is your personal decision, but we hope that you will take the Oregon AFL-CIO’s endorsements into consideration as you fill out your ballot. 

As of june 5, 2018, the Oregon AFL-CIO has endorsed the following candidates & positions on ballot measures

Congressional Races

  • Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici, CD 1
  • Congressman Earl Blumenauer, CD 3*
  • Congressman Peter DeFazio, CD 4

Statewide races

  • Governor Kate Brown  

Ballot Measures

  • Oppose Any and All Anti-Union / Anti-Worker Ballot Measures
  • Oppose Initiative Petition 1
    Backed by anti-choice extremists, it would reduce access to abortion by eliminating funding for abortion and women’s healthcare for people on Medicaid and public employees.
  • Oppose Initiative Petition 22
    Repeals 30-year-old sanctuary state law. Backed by a known hate group, it would increase racial profiling, harm immigrant communities, and jeopardize public safety.
  • Support Initiative Petition 25
    Requires publicly traded corporations to provide to the Secretary of State a public report of their Oregon taxes.
  • Oppose Constitutional Amendment 104
    Would make it harder to eliminate tax loopholes or hold corporations and the wealthy accountable for paying their fair share.
  • Oppose Constitutional Amendment 103
    Tax carve out for corporations like Walmart who want to avoid paying their fair share. Blocks the ability of voters and local governments to make their own decisions about local issues and address public health crises.

State Senate Races

  • Senator Floyd Prozanski, SD 4 
  • Senator Lee Beyer, SD 6 
  • Senator James Manning, SD 7
  • Senator Sara Gelser, SD 8
  • Senator Peter Courtney, SD 11*   
  • Senator Chuck Riley, SD 15
  • Senator Betsy Johnson SD 16 * 
  • Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, SD 17
  • Senator Rob Wagner, SD 19
  • Charles Gallia, candidate for SD 20   
  • Shemia Fagan, candidate for SD 24    

State House

  • Representative Pam Marsh, HD 5
  • Representative Paul Holvey, HD 8
  • Representative Caddy McKeown, HD 9
  • Representative David Gomberg, HD 10
  • Marty Wilde, Candidate for HD 11
  • Representative Nancy Nathanson, HD 13
  • Representative Julie Fahey, HD 14
  • Representative Dan Rayfield, HD 16
  • Mike Ellison, Candidate for HD 19
  • Representative Paul Evans, HD 20
  • Representative Brian Clem, HD 21* 
  • Representative Teresa Alonso Leon, HD 22
  • Representative Sheri Malstrom, HD 27
  • Representative Jeff Barker, HD 28
  • Representative Susan McLain, HD 29
  • Representative Janeen Sollman HD 30
  • Representative Brad Witt, HD 31 
  • Tiffiny Mitchell, Candidate for HD 32
  • Representative Mitch Greenlick, HD 33*
  • Representative Ken Helm, HD 34*
  • Representative Margaret Doherty, HD 35
  • Representative Jennifer Williamson, HD 36
  • Rachel Prusak, Candidate for HD 37
  • Representative Andrea Salinas, HD 38
  • Representative Mark Meek, HD 40*
  • Representative Karin Power, HD 41
  • Representative Rob Nosse, HD 42  
  • Representative Tawna Sanchez, HD 43*
  • Representative Tina Kotek, HD 44
  • Representative Barbara Smith Warner, HD 45
  • Representative Alissa Keny-Guyer, HD 46
  • Representative Diego Hernandez, HD 47
  • Representative Jeff Reardon, HD 48
  • Representative Chris Gorsek, HD 49
  • Representative Carla Piluso, HD 50*
  • Representative Janelle Bynum, HD 51 
  • Anna Williams, Candidate for HD 52
  • Representative Greg Smith, HD 57*        

*Endorsement pending receipt of satisfactory questionnaire