Governor Brown signed the Oregon Promise, reducing community college tuition to as low as $50 a term for high school graduates. She put career and technical education back in Oregon schools, so students graduate with a plan for their future. She started Future Ready Oregon to provide expanded access to skills training tied to local jobs with good pay and benefits.*

Oregon must be a state where learning is valued, prior learning is recognized, and every Oregonian has access to training programs and educational opportunities so they can obtain good, family-wage jobs and we can grow Oregon’s economy. That’s what my initiative, Future Ready Oregon is all about!
— Governor Kate Brown | September 20, 2018

Since Kate Brown became our Governor, the Oregon economy has become one of the fastest growing in the country and unemployment has hit an all-time low. As long as Kate is our Governor, she will fight to make Oregon a place where everyone can lead a good life, with a quality job, and raise a family if they choose.*

I was so excited today to sign four #FairShot bills into law: paid sick leave for workers, ending the practice of asking applicants to list their criminal history; a new easy way to save for retirement; and ending profiling as a law enforcement tactic.

Yet, our work is not done. There are still people with full time jobs who are unable to make ends meet. We must carry on the fight to ensure all Oregonians have the opportunity to earn a living wage.
— Governor Kate Brown | July 13, 2015

As Governor, Kate Brown passed the largest education budget in Oregon’s history to help reduce class sizes and put more tools in the classroom. Her leadership put job training back in the classroom and she’s committed to making sure every Oregon high school has career education classes.*

It is our duty to ensure that our youngest Oregonians have the tools to grow into healthy adults. It’s our duty to ensure they have access to education, health care, and a bright future.
— Governor Kate Brown | May 12, 2017

Gov. Brown’s keynote address at the 13th annual Oregon Leadership Summit.

Gov. Brown kicked off the 79th Legislative Assembly with a state-of-the-state address.

Gov. Brown talking with workers and families at the 2018 Labor Day Picnic.

The unions of the Oregon AFL-CIO have endorsed Governor Kate Brown because of her priorities, values and commitment to working people. How you vote is your personal decision.

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