Our Officers

Tom Chamberlain

Following his service in the Air Force, Tom joined IAFF Local 43, Portland Fire Fighters Association and served for 27 years as a firefighter. He served as Secretary-Treasurer and President of Local 43, Vice President and President of the Oregon State Firefighters Council; International Association of Fire Fighters Field Representative; and senior policy adviser to Governor Ted Kulongoski until in 2005, when he was elected by unanimous acclaim President of the Oregon AFL-CIO. 


Barbara Byrd

A union member and labor educator for more than 30 years, Barbara Byrd came to the Oregon AFL-CIO with significant relationships with many Oregon unions and knowledge about their histories, challenges and the resources they bring to the larger union movement.

Barbara oversees workforce and economic development policy issues for the Oregon AFL-CIO. She represents the organization in state level discussions about economic and workforce development, climate change policy and in a wide variety of blue-green conversations. She serves on the Oregon Workforce Investment Board and the Advisory Council of the Oregon Employment Department. She also staffs the Oregon BlueGreen Apollo Alliance, a coalition of labor, business, environmental and social justice organizations.

Barbara teaches at the Labor Education and Research Center of the University of Oregon. She also helps deliver leadership and organizational development training as part of the national AFL-CIO’s Central Labor Council/State Federation program.

Barbara has a Ph.D. in Adult Education from the University of Texas, and an M.S. in Labor Studies from the University of Massachusetts. She is a member of United Academics of the University of Oregon, AFT/AAUP.

Our Staff

  • Graham Trainor, Chief of Staff

  • Jess Giannettino Villatoro, Political Director

  • Russell Sanders, Communications Director

  • Mark Warne, Workforce Liaison

  • Emily Sahler, Office Manager

  • Chelsea Watson, Field & Research Director

  • Alma Raya, Lead Organizer & Legislative Specialist

  • Misha Hernandez, Regional Field Staff

  • Chris Maxie, Regional Field Staff

  • Ashlee Hoffman, Regional Field Staff