Oregon Strong Voice

Oregon Strong Voice is a statewide network of regional alliances between labor unions and community-based organizations. We work together to maximize our collective power at the grassroots level so that we can build a stronger Oregon.

Oregon Strong Voice began after the Oregon AFL-CIO, along with several statewide affiliate unions, recognized that we can do more to move a statewide agenda that supports all Oregonians.  It’s about building a stronger Oregon by raising our voices in communities across the entire state.

Oregon Strong Voice has active tables throughout the state: in Lane County, and in both Southern and Central Oregon.

Some of the coordinated efforts we have been able to accomplish include:

  • Added capacity to electoral coordination on both local and statewide issues
  • Local candidate recruitment for elected office including school board, fire board, and county commission
  • Candidate trainings
  • Union strike support
  • Coordinated statewide days of action that maintain local control of on-the-ground activities while building a common statewide message that amplifies each area’s efforts
  • Legislative coordination
  • Leadership development trainings
  • Workplace organizing institute trainings
  • Local forums to discuss statewide policy

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