Our Work 


Since 2011, the Oregon AFL-CIO has spearheaded partnerships between labor organizations and community based organizations in communities throughout the state. Under the Oregon Strong Voice banner, these partnerships are built upon strategic planning around issues that impact their communities. Canvasses and phone banks in Oregon Strong Voice regions accounted for a significant number of volunteer shifts outside of the Portland area during the 2014 election cycle.  We have staff in Bend, Medford, and Eugene,  who play a critical role in assisting Central Labor Chapters, and Oregon Strong Voice coalitions.


The Oregon AFL-CIO is unique amongst State Federations because of this program, and for our in-house organizing and research capacity. This program is a partnership with the National AFL-CIO and has seen success in both public and private sector organizing since its inception in 2011. With an experienced staff, a roundtable of affiliated unions where trust has been built for years, and the support of the National AFL-CIO, the Oregon AFL-CIO is prepared to play a major role in future union organizing efforts.


The Oregon AFL-CIO puts forth the largest independent voter contact program in the state.  By integrating the latest technology for phone banking, utilizing in-house design and communications capacity, and deploying Working America canvassers into our targeted district-level strategy, we have developed a highly effective program.  We plan to expand our program’s effectiveness into our Central Labor Chapter regions, and maintain the impressive field work put forth in Oregon Strong Voice regions as seen during Labor 2014 where volunteers were mobilized in cities from Medford to Astoria to get out the vote.  


The Oregon AFL-CIO’s advocacy in Salem serves as a strong voice for all working people in Oregon, and absolutely a strong voice for our affiliated unions.  We also work closely with allied community-based organizations and labor/community coalitions such as Fair Shot for All to develop and pass legislation designed to give all Oregonians a pathway to prosperity.  Our legislative program couples with our regional staff to help direct testimony, letters and calls to legislators, and local actions to provide field support for legislative priorities.


Provide strategic research for organizing campaigns, organizing targets, bargaining, political campaigns and economic development.   Our in-house capacity for research enables us to quickly produce reports and analyze the data that has an impact on working people in Oregon. 


From press relations to graphic design services, the Oregon AFL-CIO Communications program supports our four pillar programs, while providing strategic communications assistance to affiliate unions, campaigns, and allied organizations. We can help your organization develop a strategy for communicating with your members and with the general public, as well as offer graphic design and targeted press outreach to ensure that your message is hitting the correct audience.


Oregon’s workforce system is most effective when strong advocates for working people are involved, and our state is stronger when we create the right kinds of jobs.  By facilitating workforce board training, recruiting members to state and local boards, and working with environmental organizations on areas of common interest we ensure that Oregon is moving in the right direction. 


Our labor liaison is trained in the latest federal assistance programs and routinely helps both union and non-union workers deal with layoffs.  Let us know as soon as you hear about a layoff and we will work with your organization to get your workers the resources they need to get back on the job.