We have a chance to create real change in Oregon by fighting against workplace sexual harassment and discrimination through common sense changes to state law.

Following the bravery of women sharing their stories through movements like Time’s Up and Me Too, Oregon’s lawmakers will soon consider the Oregon Workplace Fairness Act, which would change our state’s law to protect workers through the following methods:

  • Prevents employers from asking for nondisclosure agreements that relate to discrimination at the time of hiring, and during settlement and severance negotiations.

  • Prevents employers from requesting provisions that prevent the rehiring of previously discriminated-against employees during settlement agreements.

  • Extends Statute of Limitations for discrimination in employment situations to five years.

  • Creates Individual Liability for owners, president and corporate officer when sexual harassment has occurred and goes unaddressed.

  • Directs BOLI to create policies and procedures for employers/employees that relate to sexual harassment.

  • Ensures that where employers have made a good faith determination that harassment has occurred, any severance given to the harasser, if an executive, is rendered unenforceable.

Your Help Will Pass This Bill

At least one-in-four women have experienced some form of sexual harassment or discrimination during their career, but few file formal complaints or speak out about their experiences. 

Stories of workplace sexual harassment and discrimination are going to be a critical step in passing the Oregon Workplace Fairness Act. Our lawmakers need to understand the reality of too many women who are victims of sexual harassment and discrimination. 

We are asking you to share your story to be used as anonymous testimony to help inform the Oregon State Legislature. Submitted stories will be anonymous but viewable by anyone via the Oregon Legislative Information System website. The more stories we have, the more powerful our message will be.  Nothing connecting you to your story will be submitted. 

Please share your story on the form below or by clicking here, and thank you for stepping up and speaking out to help pass the Oregon Workplace Fairness Act.