Talking Points on Healthcare

Talking points on threats to Healthcare from the National AFL-CIO:


Talking Points: Affordable Care Act Repeal & Healthcare
January 2017

•    For more than a century, America’s labor movement has fought to make quality, affordable health care a basic right. And America has made meaningful strides, however imperfect, toward this goal.

•    But Republican leaders in Congress are poised to take reckless and dangerous action by repealing the Affordable Care Act without having a replacement plan ready.  This will jeopardize the health benefits of 30 million Americans.   

•    Republicans are trying to sell the idea of a “transition period” as cover for not immediately adopting a replacement plan.  This doesn’t work for families that have immediate health care needs. This delay could destroy the individual insurance market, jeopardizing coverage and health care for millions of Americans.

•    Republicans may not be ready to reveal their 2017 replacement plan to the public, but Republican leaders like House Speaker Paul Ryan have made clear in their recent proposals the harm they intend to do to all of the health benefits relied on by working people and retirees, not just coverage provided through the Affordable Care Act.

•    Their proposals embody a cut-and-run approach, that dumps responsibility directly on workers, retirees, and state and local governments.  In addition to harming the millions of people who now have coverage because of the Affordable Care Act, the Republic proposals target workers’ health plans, Medicare and Medicaid.

-    The Republican proposals levy destructive new taxes on workplace insurance that covers 178 million people and will force working people and retirees to choose between paying high out-of-pocket costs and foregoing necessary care.

-    The Republican plan would end the Medicare guarantee that provides health insurance to seniors and replace it with a limited voucher, forcing beneficiaries to pay a greater and greater share of the cost of coverage. 

-    The Republican plan would slash Medicaid over time – hurting seniors who rely on it for nursing home care and a third of America’s children who rely on it to get the care they need – by capping the growth of federal payments at a rate that is far below the growth in health costs.

•    If Republicans succeed they would effectively end Medicare and Medicaid as we know them and hurt working people and retirees with lost coverage and denial of the care they need.

•    We urge Republicans to abandon their strategy to force cuts to health coverage and we demand “No Repeal Without Replace.”

•    The future of health care in America requires Republicans to abandon these plans and instead work with us to pursue sensible reforms to the system.