We believe in one simple idea. 

When working people stand together, we can create positive change for everyone. Our work in Salem reflects that simple idea as we advocate for policies to create an Oregon which works for all of us.  

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Legislative scorecards

Oregon AFL-CIO legislative scorecards consider dozens of bills and policies reflecting the priorities of workers, our affiliate unions and community partners.  With some bills not even making it to a committee or floor vote, advocacy and opposition is also considered in our scoring. 

While recognizing champions and spot-lighting problems that Oregon workers face in the legislative process, the Oregon AFL-CIO also aims to recognize those elected leaders that go above and beyond for workers and the Labor Movement in our scorecard process.  

Each full Oregon Legislative Session, we recognize a “Legislator of the Year” and “Rookie of the Year” and announce those recipients at our biennial Conventions.  These champions not only consistently stand up for workers as they take hard votes.  They are also accessible and open to discussing issues that matter to working people. They’re willing to advocate for union members and Oregon workers among their colleagues. They’re even willing to stand up for the rights of working Oregonians outside of the legislature on a picket line, supporting workers who are forming unions or weighing-in directly with employers when disputes arise in their districts.