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Join Us for a Statewide Union Organizing Summit

The divide between those who have and those who have not is wider than it has been in memory and Oregon is no exception. While the rich get richer, working people continue to scrape by and are not seeing a fair return on hard work.  These problems can seem insurmountable but there is a solution: Stand together, join a union, rise together.

More and more, working people are turning to labor unions to make their voices heard, to fight for fair wages and to find a pathway to prosperity. Polling has shown us that more Americans have a favorable view of unions in more than a decade and would join one if they had a chance. Oregon’s unions are in a position to write the next chapter in history about the American Labor Movement. Cases like Janus do not decide our fate – we do. And that’s why we are organizing an event to inspire, teach and facilitate the important conversions about organizing we need to keep pushing forward.

Join the Oregon AFL-CIO and unions from across the state on March 28 in Tualatin to learn new organizing skills, hear best practices from campaigns, and convene with organizers from across the union movement to network and more.

National AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka

Our agenda for the day includes:

  • Industry specific and issue specific skill-building workshops.
  • In-depth presentations and discussions.
  • Plenty of opportunities to network and learn more about how Oregon’s unions are organizing for the 21st century.