Weekly Update: We Will Fight.

'We Will Fight for the Working People of This Country'

Working people are still processing the results of the 2016 General Election, and we look to leaders who can offer insight and inspiration as we move forward. Senator Elizabeth Warren is one of those leaders. She addressed the AFL-CIO Executive Council last week and spoke to the results of the election. Here is what AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka wrote about her speech:

“I strongly believe the outcome of this election is an indictment of politics as usual—the type of politics Sen. Elizabeth Warren has spent her career fighting against.

That’s because she leads with her values. Sen. Warren understands better than anyone that Washington must turn away from neoliberalism and trickle-down economics—trade agreements written by and for big corporations, economic policies drafted in Wall Street board rooms and the assumption that only those with money should have power.

That work starts today. Sen. Warren is uniquely positioned to partner with us on a pro-worker agenda consistent with our shared values. In these challenging times, there is no one I would rather have standing with us than her.”

Watch Senator Warren address the AFL-CIO Executive Council:

Oregon AFL-CIO President Tom Chamberlain in Street Roots

Oregon AFL-CIO President Tom Chamberlain was recently profiled by Portland newspaper Street Roots, and spoke on a range of issues impacting Oregon workers and the future of unions in our state.  

The article does a great job of educating readers about the mission of the Oregon AFL-CIO:

“With more than 300,000 members among its affiliated unions, Oregon AFL-CIO represents a wide range of professions, such as steelworkers, plumbers, teachers and letter carriers.

But whether you belong to a union or not, Oregon AFL-CIO’s legislative agendas are likely to affect you. It was a strong advocate for raising the state’s minimum wage and for giving all Oregonians paid sick days, and next session it will be advocating for fair scheduling laws.”

Click here to read the rest of President Chamberlain’s profile in Street Roots.

Union-Made Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is one week from tomorrow! Whether you are cooking a full dinner or providing a side-dish, please make sure you are buying as many union-made goods and products as possible.  From turkeys to pies, union members are involved with every aspect of the foods we love to share on Thanksgiving.  Find more union-made lists at Labor411.

Click here to see a list of union-made foods and products for Thanksgiving.

Washington Farmworkers End Driscoll / Sakuma Boycott

Our friends at the Northwest Labor Press published an update about a boycott that many in the Pacific Northwest have been following for the past three years:

“A three-year union boycott against Sakuma and Driscoll berries and Häagen Dazs strawberry ice cream is over. In September, Skagit Valley agri-giant Sakuma Berries agreed to allow a union election and recognize and bargain a contract with the union, Familias Unidas por la Justicia (FUJ), if it won. FUJ is a local farmworker union affiliated with Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO. Workers voted 195-58 on Sept. 12 to join FUJ; 377 workers were eligible to vote, and the now-union-represented workforce swells to about 500 at the height of berry-picking season.

No state law in Washington governs farmworker unionization, and farmworkers aren’t covered by the National Labor Relations Act, so Richard Ahearn, former regional director of the National Labor Relations Board, agreed to oversee the privately conducted vote count.”

Click here to read the full story.