Weekly Update: It’s Official!

It's Official!

Oregon’s leadership in raising the wage was driven by a groundswell of support and advocacy from workers, small businesses, and community groups across the state. Since the Raise the Wage campaign launched in July, the coalition has fought day-in and day-out to secure a raise for over half a million Oregonians currently struggling to make ends meet.

While this proposal diverges from our initial plan for raising the wage, it is overwhelmingly a win for Oregon workers – in large part because it gives a raise to over 100,000 minimum-wage workers this July. This law takes a strong stand against exemptions and carve-outs: we are setting the standard that whether you work in a field or a factory, a small town or a big city, everyone deserves a wage that allows them to afford the basics.

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This law is a sign of real progress for working families, not just in Oregon, but across the United States. Across the country, local leaders are rising up in agreement that no one who works full-time should struggle to put food on the table or keep a roof over their head.

While we know our work is not over to address the other issues facing working families—from racial equity to rising healthcare and housing costs—this raise is an important step forward and we know it will have significant positive impacts for Oregon families and our economy for years to come.

Speak Up for Overtime Protection

Millions of Americans have been working overtime and not getting paid for it. Fortunately, the Department of Labor (DOL) is expected to implement a new overtime rule that will protect workers from overtime abuse by employers this summer.

But there are some in Congress who would rather run down the clock in order to steal this victory for working families. We need to make sure this rule is implemented before President Obama leaves office or we risk losing these protections altogether. And that’s where you come in.

Sign the petition calling on President Obama and the Department of Labor to move quickly on implementing the new overtime rule to increase workers’ wages and rebuild our middle-class. Be sure to click the confirmation email after signing, too, to make sure the White House gets it.

The new rule would benefit 13.5 million workers. It would extend overtime rights to an estimated 5.2 million workers and make it more difficult for employers to deny overtime compensation to another 8.3 million workers who are already eligible.

Not only is the new rule a victory for working people, it’s also one of President Obama’s signature economic achievements. But if the DOL and President Obama don’t finalize the rule and act soon, Congress is likely to reverse this critical protection for millions of working families.

If we get 100,000 signatures, the White House will send an official response. Sign the petition today, and then click on the confirmation email you get in your inbox after signing, calling on President Obama and the Department of Labor to move quickly on implementing the new overtime rule that will increase workers’ wages and rebuild our middle-class.

The Cookie Crisis

Oreo cookies are one of America’s favorite snacks and a childhood obsession for many of us. But executives at Mondelēz International, the parent company of Nabisco, are planning to move production of nine snack food products, including Oreos, to Salinas, Mexico—wiping out more than 600 jobs at a plant in Chicago.

There’s no reason this has to happen. Mondelēz CEO Irene Rosenfeld made more than $21 million in 2014—that’s 597 times what the average American working person makes in a year. But she and other executives at the company have demanded people who work at the factory in Chicago take big pay and benefit cuts.

It’s totally unacceptable to sucker punch America’s working families with pay cuts and layoffs just so executives can keep taking more for themselves.

Click here now to immediately sign the petition to demand that Rosenfeld stop with the greed and do the right thing by saving good jobs for hundreds of workers at the Chicago plant.

We’ve seen this pattern from lots of greedy companies that ship America’s jobs overseas. America’s workers deserve better than to see their jobs go to low-wage countries with less regulations in order to increase corporate profits. Working families and our communities shouldn’t have to bear the brunt of corporate greed.

And to add insult to injury, Rosenfeld received a $6 million raise the year before these workers were asked to take pay and benefits cuts—effectively paying her a whopping $21 million in compensation. In fact, she’s been paid more than $170 million in compensation over the past eight years. Yet, working people at the Chicago plant are being told that it’s up to them to save the company money.

We can speak up and stand with working people to try and save their jobs, but Rosenfeld needs to hear from a lot of us, right now.

Click here to sign the petition immediately demanding Mondelēz CEO Irene Rosenfeld do the right thing and save good jobs for hundreds of workers in Chicago.