Weekly Update: An Attack on All of Us

An Attack on All of Us

The 2016 November ballot will feature some of the worst attacks Oregon’s immigrants have seen. Any time working people face threats or fall under attack, it’s an attack on all of us. Too many communities and working families in Oregon will suffer should these dangerous policies be enacted.

With their victory on Measure 88 (driver’s cards), anti-immigrant forces in the state now feel they have the momentum to pass even more hateful policies to make the lives of many Oregonians even more difficult. These groups have filed several statewide ballot measures that Oregonians could potentially vote on this November. The measures do three things:

  1. Require E-Verify: Some proposals would require every business in Oregon to run every current and future employee through the flawed E-Verify program, or risk losing their business license.
  2. English-Only: Another measure would make English the official language of Oregon. All government information and documents (including those at schools) could only be published in English. No government job could require applicants to be competent in a language other than English.
  3. Restricting Voting Rights: A final measure would cancel every Oregonian’s voter registration until they could re-prove to the county clerk they were citizens in Oregon.

A coalition of local organizations – including the Oregon AFL-CIO– has come together to defeat these measures, and do everything it can to protect our most vulnerable in this state. To succeed in 2016, we will need your help. It starts by making a pledge and sharing with your friends and family that you will not sign any ballot proposal that attacks immigrants.

Click here to decline to sign these hateful policies.

As they build for the election, our opponents will be asking members of the community to sign petitions so the measures qualify for the ballot.

Click here to support the refuse to sign pledge.

We believe that Oregonians do not want these divisive policies to be the law in our great state. We will continue to work to defeat them, and will keep you informed as we do.

Exposing the Truth about the Freedom Foundation

A new video from the Northwest Accountability Project answers the question – what’s the Freedom Foundation’s real motivation for attacking labor unions and going to the homes of public employees in Washington and Oregon? Click here to get the scoop.

Thank You, Oregon Legislature

In case you missed it, last week Oregon’s Legislature voted to raise our minimum wage! Oregon AFL-CIO President Tom Chamberlain issued the following statement after the House approved the bill, which is on its way to Governor Brown’s desk:

“The momentum to raise Oregon’s minimum wage has been building for months, and today’s vote marks a significant victory for working people across the state. While raising the wage is just one piece of our broader efforts to create economic opportunity for working people, it will make a real difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of Oregonians. We anticipate that Governor Brown will sign this bill and make a raise official in the coming days.”

Send an email to your legislators now thanking them for supporting the bill to raise Oregon's minimum wage. Please use this form to send an email now and tell them thank you for standing up for Oregon workers!

President Trumka to Majority Leader McConnell:
Do Your Job

The following is a letter from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka urging union members across the country to take action and tell GOP Senators who are obstructing President Obama’s Supreme Court nominations to do their jobs and appoint a nominee: 

Working people like us work hard and do the job we were paid to do every day. We don’t just do the parts of the job that we like or choose when to show up on the job.

Sadly, we can’t say the same of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and many Senate Republican leaders. Right now, they’re refusing to do the job they were elected to do and consider and confirm a qualified nominee to fill the vacancy created at the U.S. Supreme Court from Justice Antonin Scalia’s passing over the weekend.

Sign the petition now to tell McConnell and Senate Republican leadership to do their job and work to fill the Supreme Court vacancy without delay.

This issue isn’t about party or politics. It’s about our lawmakers doing what they agreed to when they were elected to the Senate—period. One of the most important parts of being a senator is fulfilling your constitutional duty to review and vote on nominees.

They’re trying to make excuses for not doing this essential work but, contrary to what they’re saying, there is plenty of time for Congress to fill this vacancy and precedent for confirming a nominee in an election year, even when the Senate isn’t controlled by the party of the president.

We don’t make excuses at our jobs even when we might not like something we’re asked to do or work with someone we might not like. Our senators shouldn’t do that either. It’s time they stop with the politics and do their jobs.

Tell Senate Republican leadership to get to work and move quickly on allowing hearings and a vote on a new Supreme Court justice.

In Solidarity,

Richard Trumka
President, AFL-CIO