Weekly Update: Our Endorsements

Oregon AFL-CIO Weekly Update • September 21, 2016

2016 Endorsements

On Friday, September 9, the Oregon AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education met to vote on a final round of endorsements for the 2016 general election.  

Our committee votes to endorse candidates and ballot measures based on how they will impact not only our unions, but all working people in the state of Oregon.  We carefully consider what each candidate and ballot measure will do to help communities across our state, including schools, healthcare, the right to form a union, trade policies, and much more.  Click here to view endorsements, sign up to volunteer, register to vote, and learn more about endorsed candidates.

Election season is in full swing, with canvasses and phone banks happening across the state. Each week, we will recognize an outstanding local union for their efforts in recruiting volunteers to help get out the vote and talk to voters about endorsed candidates and ballot measures.

This week’s local union of the week is LiUNA 737!  

If your union is interested in hosting a phone bank, or would like to participate in any other voter outreach event, reply to this email and we’ll get you the tools you need to recruit volunteers.

Bud Pierce Can’t Make Up His Mind

Oregon AFL-CIO President Tom Chamberlain released the following statement today in response to Republican gubernatorial candidate Bud Pierce’s indecision about the Presidential election:

“It sounded like another Republican heeded Governor Brown's call to disavow Donald Trump today. But after Bud Pierce said this morning to OPB that he won't support Trump, now he is distributing a statement indicating he is still not sure whether he will vote for Trump, or at all. After a day of back and forth, it's even less clear who Bud Pierce supports for President of the United States of America. What we do know is that Oregon doesn't have time for someone who can't make up their mind.”

Find out more about where Governor Kate Brown and Bud Pierce stand on the issues during their first debate on Saturday, September 24.  KGW.com will stream the debate online from 6-7pm.  

“You Should Resign”

In case you missed it, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts took Wells Fargo CEO John Strumpf to task in a hearing this week. It’s worth watching, and we hope her passion for defending working people from Wall Street corruption spreads. Click here to check it out: