Let's Get Out the Vote

Oregon AFL-CIO Weekly Update: Let's Get Out the Vote
October 24, 2018

Knute Buehler, Healthcare & Millions of Dollars

In 2017 Knute Buehler made his position on healthcare access known when he voted against a bill to provide healthcare access to nearly 20,000 Oregon children.  Once again, this vote shows us who Knute is and where his priorities are.

Contributions to Knute Buehler have been making headlines this week, including a sweeping article in Rolling Stone: Why Is Nike’s Founder Putting Millions Behind a Trump-y Republican During the Kaepernick Campaign?   The article makes one thing clear: Knute doesn’t want to talk about the contributions:

“Rolling Stone emailed Buehler — currently a GOP state representative — with a list of questions, including: ‘Have you met with Knight?’; ‘How do you explain his extravagant investment?’; and ‘Have you promised him anything in return?’ Monica Wroblewski, Buehler’s communications director, replied: ‘We don’t discuss our donors or donations.’

Our Governor’s office isn’t for sale and Oregon’s unions are proud to stand behind Kate Brown who has led Oregon to adopt policies the protect working people and create opportunity in every community across our state.

Labor 2018 Union of the Week

We’re proud to announce our next Labor 2018 Union of the Week! Thank you to Operating Engineers Local 701 for turning out volunteers to multiple events this week, including canvassing in Coos Bay over the weekend!  Thank you!

If you want to see your local union featured here, contact our field team to sponsor a phone bank night or a canvassing event by replying to this email.

Less Than Two Weeks Left

With less than two weeks left, we are at a critical point in the election. Every conversation we have on doors, on phones, over text message and at worksites will help get out the vote for union-endorsed candidates and issues.

We are proud to announce that we have knocked on over 71,000 doors and made over 100,000 phone calls and texts to speak with voters about the issues that matter to Oregon’s workers. There is still plenty of work left to do, however. Click here to find an event near you.

Cascadia Workers Join AFSCME!

Last week, workers at Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare overwhelmingly voted YES to join AFSCME! The Oregon AFL-CIO extends our sincere congratulations on another step forward in giving behavioral healthcare workers a voice on the job. Similar efforts in Oregon have drawn national attention, and are part of the rise of collective action we are seeing around the country.

Union Made Halloween Candy

If you want your Halloween to be all treats and no tricks, make sure all your candy is union-made in America. Click here for a list of union-made candy for Halloween.