Standing Together in Missouri

Oregon AFL-CIO Weekly Update: Standing Together in Missouri
August 1, 2018

Standing Together in Missouri

In less than one week, working people in Missouri will have the opportunity to reject “right to work” at the ballot box. Driving an all-hands-on-deck effort to defeat Prop. A, working people are tirelessly knocking on doors, making phone calls and doing everything in our power to win hearts and minds and turn out the vote. So-called “right to work” is a direct attack on working families and our unions. So when politicians in Missouri rammed through this legislation last year, the labor movement immediately sprang into action to place a veto referendum on the ballot.  310,567 Missourians signed the referendum petition to overturn the law, more than three times the number of signatures needed.

Over a dozen union members, leaders, and union staff from across Oregon are in Missouri right now, helping fight back!   With under one week left in this campaign, we’re keeping up the momentum in the fight to defend workers’ values and stand up to corporate greed. The stakes couldn’t be higher. In states with “right to work,” wages are lower, schools are worse off and workplaces are more dangerous.

Working people in Missouri are fired up about this vote and more committed than ever to defeating the out-of-state corporate interests driving this wrongheaded law. Working people are united in the effort to protect our freedoms and rights on the job. This is a defining fight for our movement, so do your part and join with your brothers and sisters in Missouri!

New Podcast Episode!

Oregon’s union movement stands united against Ballot Measure 105, which would throw out Oregon’s existing “sanctuary” law. This law passed with strong bipartisan support and has been protecting Oregonians from unfair racial profiling for more than 30 years. On this episode, we sit down with the people leading the fight to protect sanctuary across the state of Oregon.

Click here to listen on our website, or search for The Voice of Oregon’s Workers on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or Android.

Why Unions Matter

Living labor and civil rights legend Dolores Huerta is featured in a recent Now This Politics video about why unions matter. If you’re going to share one thing on Facebook this week, share this video.

Coming Up Short: Walking with the Freedom Foundation

Oregon Public Broadcasting followed the anti-worker Freedom Foundation (who are also operating under the name Opt Out Today) as they went door to door in Salem trying to talk to union members. As the story makes clear, they are not effective organizers and their attempt to show the media their success came up short.

From bad lists, to disinterested people, to pro-union retirees, it sounds like the union busters are getting the message. Workers in the Northwest aren't falling for their Koch-funded lies. Click here to listen to the story, and click here to learn more about the dark money behind the Freedom Foundation.