Your Fight is Our Fight

Oregon AFL-CIO Weekly Update: Your Fight is Our Fight
February 20, 2019

Speak Up to Defend Temporary Protected Status

More than 1,000 of our union brothers and sisters from across the country marched on Capitol Hill last week to call on Congress to save the temporary protected status (TPS) program and allow the workers who depend on it to continue to pursue their dreams in America.

Despite the wind and rain, workers from UNITE HERE, the Laborers (LIUNA), the Bricklayers (BAC), the Ironworkers, the Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) and the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) rallied at the U.S. Capitol, demanding #TPSJustice.

TPS provides people from countries experiencing crises such as war, natural disaster or ongoing violence the opportunity to build a life in the United States. TPS holders are major contributors to our workplaces, economy and communities. They deserve a stable future, but the Trump administration has terminated the program for the 400,000 who have 275,000 U.S. citizen children.

Tell Congress that working people support immigrants and want to protect TPS and create a pathway to citizenship.

We Need Your Help to Pass

the Oregon Workplace Fairness Act

Our efforts to modernize protections against sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace are gaining momentum. In the latest issue of the Northwest Labor Press, Oregon AFL-CIO President Tom Chamberlain explains why this fight is tied to the values we share as Oregon’s unions:

“The systemic problems of sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace must end. Like many problems in our nation, the deck is stacked against workers and in favor of management. We need to tip the scales towards workers, and away from the bosses. The Oregon Workplace Fairness Act is a strong step forward to balance workplace power. The protections called for by this legislation are commonsense solutions to the institutional problems faced by workers who are victims of sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. These solutions are simple changes to the law and put tools into workers’ hands to level the playing field.”

We need your help to pass this critical protection for workers. If you’ve experienced sexual harassment and/or discrimination at work, share your story.  You can remain anonymous or include your name – it’s up to you. Click here to get started.

Oregon Women Labor Leaders Meeting

Join the Oregon Women Labor Leaders (OWLL) for a report on legislative priorities affecting women workers, and about how we can help pass these important laws. This is a great opportunity to network, share stories and ideas, and to provide support to each other as union sisters. Light refreshments will be served, and a cash bar will be available.

Monday, March 4, 2019
5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Lucky Lab Tap Room
1700 N. Killingsworth Street, Portland (map)

Click here for more information about this exciting event.  

An Open Letter to Video Game Developers
from the National AFL-CIO

National AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer and Oregonian Liz Shuler recently authored a letter which is making waves across one of our country’s fastest growing industries: video games. In the letter, Secretary Treasurer Shuler calls for the bosses of the video game industry to step up and treat their workers with dignity and respect, and for workers to stand up and demand a fair return on their hard work. The letter is inspiring and its message resonates outside of the video game industry:

“No matter where you work, bosses will only offer fair treatment when you stand together and demand it. Fortunately, the groundwork is already being laid as grassroots groups like Game Workers Unite embrace the power of solidarity and prove that you don’t have to accept a broken, twisted status quo.

You have the power to demand a stake in your industry and a say in your economic future. What’s more, you have millions of brothers and sisters across the country standing with you.

Your fight is our fight, and we look forward to welcoming you into our union family. Whether we’re mainlining caffeine in Santa Monica, clearing tables in Chicago or mining coal in West Virginia, we deserve to collect nothing less than the full value of our work.”

Click here to read the full letter for Secretary Treasurer Shuler.