Take Action for Working People

Oregon AFL-CIO Weekly Update: Take Action for Working People
June 12, 2019

Take Action for Working People

There are two bills that lawmakers need to hear from you about, please take action and speak up for working people today!

Yes on House Bill 2005-3: Paid Family and Medical Leave

No one should have to choose between the family they love or the job they need.  With just a few weeks until the Legislative Session ends, we need to remind our lawmakers: Oregonians want and need paid family and medical leave. This bill would provide much needed benefits for working families in every community in Oregon. It’s time to speak up and make it happen!

Send your legislators a message right now and ask them to vote yes on House Bill 2005-3, the paid family and medical leave bill!

No on House Bill 3023-A: “The Lyft Bill”

Please encourage your legislators to vote NO on this dangerous bill. Transportation Network Companies like Lyft and Uber want to take away local authority to regulate ride sharing. If the state passes “The Lyft Bill,” (HB3023-A) cities across Oregon will lose the ability to regulate ride sharing companies the way our communities see fit. The work Oregon's labor movement has done with TNC drivers to create a wage board at the City of Portland will be completely undone should this bill pass.

Click here to contact your legislators today and ask them to vote NO on HB 3023-A.

Important Events This Week

If you’re in the Portland area, please join Oregon’s Union Movement at two important events this week:


Please join OHSU workers and the Oregon Labor community in support of Local 328’s bargaining efforts at OHSU at a rally and barbeque on Thursday, June 13 on the OHSU campus at 4pm. Click here to RSVP & spread the word on Facebook.

Portland Pride Parade

Parade organizers have requested that we limit our contingent to 200 marchers. Demand is higher than ever for spots in the parade and even some LGBTQ+ groups have been denied entry. So please, encourage your queer caucus members to march. Let us hold the space for them. Others are absolutely welcome, but also consider lining the parade route as an observer or heed the call for volunteers needed at the fair. To find out how to volunteer, please click here.

Stand with Airline Food Workers

UNITE HERE is leading a historic series of strike votes this week, as thousands of airline catering workers stand up for their rights and dignities on the job. Fresh off a resounding victory for Marriott workers late last year, UNITE HERE is keeping up the momentum as its members continue joining together.

More than 11,000 UNITE HERE members are leading the largest strike vote in U.S. history for airline catering workers, taking authorization votes in more than 20 major airport hub cities.

“These workers are risking their livelihoods to make their jobs good ones,” wrote UNITE HERE International President D. Taylor. “Join us in the coming weeks as we call on the big three—American, United and Delta—to ensure that one job should be enough in the airline industry.”

Click here to learn more about the campaign and to show your solidarity with our brothers and sisters.

Union Made Father's’ Day Gifts

Still searching for that perfect gift for a Dad in your life? Make sure it’s union-made!

Check out some union-made Father's Day gift ideas from our friends over at Labor 411, the union business directory from the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor.

  • Hugo Boss (UNITE HERE)
  • Jim Beam® (United Food and Commercial Workers [UFCW])
  • Joseph Abboud clothing (UNITE HERE)
  • Klein Tools (Boilermakers [IBB])
  • Knob Creek® whiskey (UFCW)
  • Louisville Slugger (UAW)
  • Naturalizer shoes (UFCW)
  • Old Spice (UFCW)
  • Pierre Cardin cologne (UFCW)
  • Red Wing Shoes (UFCW)
  • Spalding basketball (Machinists [IAM])
  • Stella Artois beer (IAM)
  • Timex watches (IAM)
  • The Union Boot Pro (UFCW)