Prime Time for Collective Action

Oregon AFL-CIO Weekly Update: Prime Time for Collective Action
July 17, 2019

Prime Time for Collective Action at Amazon

This week, working people across the country are standing with Amazon warehouse employees as they strike for fair treatment and working conditions on the job. “These workers aren’t asking for the moon,” wrote AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler (IBEW). “They’re demanding a safe and reliable working environment, the chance to advance in their career and the opportunity to organize and advocate for a better life.”

In order to translate this fight into a brighter future for millions of working families, we need to change the rules rigging the system against us. Take action today, and urge your member of Congress to pass the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act

Fix the Gap

Our campaign to demand Fred Meyer fix the pay gap between female and male employees is expanding: In the past week we have held actions in Portland, Salem, Coos Bay, Bend and Grants Pass!

Here are three ways to take action today:

  1. Change your Facebook profile picture.
  2. Sign the petition calling on Fred Meyer to fix the gap.
  3. Share our posts on Facebook and Twitter which show how much money the wage gap at Fred Meyer is costing working families.

Raise the Wage

It’s been a decade since the federal minimum wage was increased—the longest period in American history without an increase. In that time, the cost of living has increased and working families have struggled to make ends meet. The Raise the Wage Act would finally bring the federal minimum wage up to $15 an hour.

The House of Representatives is voting on July 18 on the Raise the Wage Act, and we need to make sure lawmakers know where workers stand. Will you show your support and ask your friends to call their representatives?

One in 9 workers in the U.S. is in poverty—even when working full time and year-round. Passing the Raise the Wage Act as it stands would empower working families in need and build an economy that works for everyone. Share #RaisetheWage message on social media right now.

Support Workers at KOIN TV in Portland

Workers at KOIN TV channel six in Portland need your help. They are photographers, editors, web producers, engineers, commercial production, directors and assignment editors and are represented by NABET-CWA Local 51.

The station was bought two years ago by Nexstar, which is a corporation out of Texas. With the upcoming purchase of Tribune Media, they will be the largest ownership group in the US.

The workers have been negotiating with Nexstar for two years. Nexstar came to the table with 47 proposals, including an open shop, $10 per month per worker to process dues, cuts to overtime provisions, holidays, and personal days. Health care premiums on a sliding scale, (the more you make the more you pay,) and that all provisions are subject to change at any time, nothing is locked in.

KOIN TV workers are asking for community support. Please click here to sign a petition.

Pacific Northwest Labor History Association Update

Click here to read the latest news from the Pacific Northwest Labor History Association. Over 200 participants attended a recent gathering of the PNLHA, which included a look back at labor history events from 1919.