Fix the Gap

Oregon AFL-CIO Weekly Update: Fix The Gap
July 3, 2019

Fix The Gap

This week, the Oregon AFL-CIO rolled out a campaign calling on regional grocery store chain Fred Meyer to fix the pay gap between female and male employees.

Women are twice as likely to be placed into a lower paying schedule upon hire at Fred Meyer. The average difference is nearly 25%. That can equate to over $200 per month in lost wages for women. That’s money that could be used to help support a family or provide housing in an economy where corporate profits soar while workers’ pay remains stagnant.

That’s why we are doing something about it. Let’s fix the gap. Here’s how you can help:

  1. Visit to learn more about our campaign.  
  2. Leave Reviews: Please find your local Fred Meyer on Yelp, Facebook, or Google Maps and leave a review calling on management to fix the pay gap between female and male employees.
  3. Sign the petition calling for Fred Meyer to fix the gap.

This week, union members stood together with concerned community members to take direct action at Fred Meyer stores in Springfield, Medford and Portland.

Stay tuned for more news about this campaign, as well as opportunities to join the fight for fairness at Fred Meyer.

2019 Oregon Legislature Adjourns

On Sunday, the 2019 Oregon Legislature adjourned. Oregon AFL-CIO President Tom Chamberlain released the following statement in response:

“The 2019 Oregon Legislature saw both wins and losses for working people and unions around the state. The Oregon AFL-CIO is proud to have pushed for stronger protection against workplace sexual harassment and discrimination through the Oregon Workplace Fairness Act (SB 726). We celebrate the passage of the Public Worker Protection Act (HB 2016), Paid Family and Medical Leave (HB 2005), Drivers Licenses for All (HB 2015), Stable Homes for Oregon Families (SB 608) and Investing in Our Future (HB 3427). We are thankful to all the workers, union members and union leaders who testified, rallied and contacted lawmakers to demand change.

Unfortunately, we did see some losses and cutbacks this session, especially in the attack on PERS. The betrayal of cutting the hard-earned retirement security of public workers is simply unacceptable. Additionally, we are disappointed to see labor and coalition priority bills not pass this year, including Equal Access to Justice (HB 3145), the Oregon Taxpayer Reimbursement Act (HB 3262), Modernizing Prevailing Wage (HB 2408) and the Oregon Corporate Accountability Act (SB 750).

Moving forward from the 2019 Legislative Session the Oregon AFL-CIO will engage in rulemaking processes to ensure our victories are not weakened and continue to advocate for the issues that did not make it through Salem this year. We will continue to find new ways to build a pathway to prosperity for all working people and to build strong unions in every community in Oregon.”

Click here to read more about the 2019 Legislature.

2019 Oregon AFL-CIO & LERC Summer School

As a result of the recent federal government upheaval, millennials are becoming activists, teachers are influencing politicians to fund public schools, and Oregon unions are overcoming right to work proponents’ prediction of organized labor’s demise. We are ready to cultivate an intergenerational labor movement for years to come!

Please join us on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene on August 2 through August 4 for a weekend of engaging classes that will help you develop your leadership skills and unify labor activists across generations and industries.

Click here to read about this year’s curriculum.

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