OHSU Workers Need YOU! 👈

Oregon AFL-CIO Weekly Update: OHSU Workers Need YOU!
July 31, 2019

Important Picket at OHSU on August 8

Join AFSCME Local 328 and the Oregon Labor community on Thursday, August 8th from 4 to 6 PM for an informational picket to demand a fair contract for the nearly 7,000 AFSCME represented workers at OHSU in Portland.

Stand with Local 328 as they push back against insurance hikes, an unacceptable PTO plan, and unrealistic and unacceptable wage increases. Let’s tell OHSU to share its record profits with those who work hard to make its reputation possible. Click here to RSVP and to spread the word about this important action.

Save Union Apprenticeships

The Department of Labor just released a proposal that could decimate training and labor standards in registered apprenticeship programs across the country, and we only have a few weeks to stop it. Apprenticeships are key pathways to gainful employment, training workers for highly skilled jobs while paying living wages and providing health care. This new proposal would drive down standards for the world-class apprenticeship programs that workers and industries depend on. It would jeopardize not only good jobs, but safety standards in industries like construction. Watering down these programs is just plain wrong.  

Right now, the Department of Labor is asking the public for feedback on this misguided proposal. We have to let them know that working people won’t stand for this. Help save our apprenticeships: Submit your comment now.

New Podcast Episode!

On this month’s episode we talk to the leaders of AFSCME Local 328. Local 328’s nearly 7,000 members make the Oregon Health and Sciences University run and they have just declared impasse in bargaining for the first time in over 20 years. Learn about how Local 328 is organizing and fighting for a fair contract, and how their struggle is part of a wave of activism and collective action that is sweeping Oregon and the country. Click here to listen today.

Historic Agreement for Portland Baseball

On Monday, the Oregon AFL-CIO and the Portland Diamond Project (the organization working to bring Major League Baseball to Portland) announced and signed a labor harmony agreement, proactively committing to allowing employees working at Portland’s future ballpark to organize and join a union. The agreement represents a first of its kind for sports arenas in Oregon.

A labor harmony agreement—sometimes called a labor peace agreement—establishes rules for union organizing between an employer and the unions that could represent employees in the future. Click here to learn more about this historic agreement.

“By signing this agreement, the Portland Diamond Project has shown us they value and respect the rights of working people and care for the prosperity of the community,” said Oregon AFL-CIO President Tom Chamberlain. “Oregon’s unions are proud to be a part of the efforts to bring baseball to the Rose City and to be a part of the only unionized sports arena in the state of Oregon. By giving workers the unfettered opportunity for union representation, we are securing a bright economic future for the women and men who will make baseball happen in Portland. When working people stand together in unions, we get a fair return on our hard work.”

Oregon AFL-CIO President Tom Chamberlain and Portland Diamond Project Founder and President Craig Cheek have a guest opinion in today’s issue of The Oregonian, click here to read it.

Monday’s announcement grabbed local and national attention:

Are you excited about a UNION baseball stadium? Click here to sign a petition in support of the project.