Weekly Update: 50,000

Oregon AFL-CIO Weekly Update: 50,000
September 18, 2019

50,000 UAW Members at GM on Strike

As of midnight Sunday, UAW members at General Motors have gone on strike. The 2015 collective bargaining agreement between UAW and GM expired Saturday after GM offered an inadequate new contract. Nearly 50,000 workers are now on strike. They are demanding fair wages, affordable health care, a share of profits, job security and a defined path to permanent seniority for temporary workers.

The Oregon Labor Movement stands in solidarity with each of the striking GM workers.

UAW President Gary Jones said: “We told UAW GM members that we would stand up for them and their future.”

UAW Vice President Terry Dittes explained: “We stood up for General Motors when they needed us most. Now we are standing together in unity and solidarity for our members, their families and the communities where we work and live."

Ted Krumm of UAW Local 652, who is the national bargaining committee chair, further expanded upon the need for the strike:

“We have been clear at the table about what GM members have indicated we will accept. We are standing up for what is right. We as local unions will sacrifice to stand up for what we deserve. Our members have spoken; we have taken action; and this is a decision we did not make lightly. We are committed to a strong contract at GM that recognizes our UAW members, who make some of the greatest products in the world and make GM so profitable.”

Click here to read the latest from the UAW strike at GM.

Equal Pay Today!

On Friday, over 50 members of the Oregon Women Labor Leaders (OWLL) held a flash mob at a NE Portland Fred Meyer store to call attention to the pay gap between women and men working for the grocery chain. Click here to watch this awesome action!

Here’s what OWLL had to say about why union women are standing together to fight for equality at Fred Meyer:

“OWLL became involved in the fight for fairness at Fred Meyer after learning about the gap in wages between women and men.  We have heard claims from Fred Meyer that such a wage gap does not exist, but we know through data collected by United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555 that women are twice as likely to be placed onto a lower paying schedule. This is unacceptable to the community that has supported Fred Meyer by shopping there over the years  That’s why we held our action yesterday and that’s why we will continue to deliver the message that it’s time for equal pay and to fix the gap at Fred Meyer, which is textbook gender discrimination. Until the voices of underpaid women are heard and the wage gap is remedied, we will raise ours in support.”

Click here to learn more about the campaign to fix the gap at Fred Meyer.

2019 Oregon AFL-CIO Convention

We’re excited to kick off the 56th Convention of the Oregon AFL-CIO this week in Seaside! If you’re not joining us this year you can still see the latest news, photos and more from Convention by following us on social media.  Here’s how to find us:

Reject Eugene Scalia

Go to EugeneScalia.com and learn all you need to know about President Trump’s union-busting nominee for secretary of labor. After spending a lifetime attacking the rights and dignity of working people, Scalia is ready for another chance to ruthlessly advance corporate interests. His specialties include eroding labor rights, unraveling consumer protections, endangering Americans’ retirement security, and blaming workers for their own deaths.